Guerrilla Automotive Innovations Skyline seat into Silvia bracket

Guerrilla Automotive Innovations Skyline seat into Silvia bracket

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This product provides a hassle-free solution to replacing your boring old Silvia front seats. This package comes with everything you need to bolt almost* any Skyline front seats into a Silvia within minutes while maintaining a stock look. So whether your looking for the extra support from a pair of R32 GTR seats or you just want something a little different this is the product for you! One bracket will do one seat, so if you have a pair, please buy 2!

Please note that any modification to seat anchorages requires an authorised transport engineers approval to be road legal in Australia. As such this product is intended for track use only unless proper approvals are achieved. Please check and comply with your local transport authority rules on seat anchorages before using this product outside of Australia. Guerrilla Automotive Innovation will not be held responsible for any action brought about as a result of using this product unlawfully.

Designed and manufactured in South Australia

1x Black Powder Coated Steel Bracket
1x Black M10 High Tensile Bolt
1x Black M10 High Tensile Nut
2x Black Washer

*See compatibility table

**Note, R34 GT-T will require modification