52mm (2

52mm (2") 0-20psi Boost Gauge

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A boost gauge is imperative in a turbocharged vehicle to ensure that your car is making the boost level you are after. A boost gauge can also help to show you whether your car has a boost leak.

Color: Silver + grey
Unit: in.Hg / PSI
Measurement range: 0~30in.Hg / 0~20PSI
Power: 12V DC, Max. 0.3A
PVC Hose Length: 172cm
Turbo Boost Gauge Size (Dia. x H): Approx. 57 x 54mm
Turbo Boost Gauge Weight: 73g
Package Weight: 185g
Package Size: 165 x 124 x 75mm
After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty

Package Includes:
1 x Boost Gauge
1 x PVC Hose
1 x T-Fitting
1 x User Manual