VicDrift Round 1

It's Saturday night, all your mates are planning on heading to a club and getting drunk, or staying home watching a movie. Your girlfriend wants to hang with you, so you decide to show her a good time. What do you do? Why, you head to VicDrift Rd 1 at Calder Park of course!

VicDrift's first event of the year started off with an under lights display at "The Killer Crossover", a section of track utilising the drag strip, competition track and some slipways. Battles started at around 4.30pm after a morning of practice and qualifying, and we arrived at the track a little after 7pm. Already there were plenty of people there, with some quality rides in the carpark, both drift inspired and otherwise.

After a quick walk around we climbed the hill up to the spectators viewing area. The walk to the viewing area goes right through the pits, giving an up close look at the competitors cars.

This layout is great for spectators as there is a large, steep hill that can accommodate a HEAP of people, and gives a good view of the entire track. The judging tent is set up right on top on the corner, giving a perfect view to score from. The layout has an awesome high speed entry for the first corner, which made for some very exciting entries and great entertainment.

Unfortunately the night was marred by a MASSIVE crash during an expression session. Luckily all people involved were OK. Just goes to show the importance of a good cage, harnesses and safety gear!

After an unfortunate spin by Jason Ferron, Matt Russell walked away with the win in the OG 86. All-in-all a fantastic event by Choonga and the rest down at VicDrift, and we're looking forward to another year of drift action!