My 4 Best Touge in Japan

My 4 Best Touge in Japan
One of the best thing about Japan is the touge. The mountains that run throughout the country lead for some awesome driving roads, and you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter where you are. Some touge are better than others, and these are my top 4 recommended touge if you are in Japan. It should go without saying, but you will need your own car to get to these. I recommend Omoren for a cool car, or Toyota Car Rental for something basic. Some of these are still very active touge, so if you are there at the right time you might just catch some action! As always, if you do stumble across something awesome, no names, no faces, no plates, no dates.
1. Nagao Touge
Nagao touge is one of my personal favourites because it has a bit of everything; tight and technical sections, fast and flowy sections, and stunning scenery. It’s also a very active touge, as you can see from the Google street view
2. Haruna (Akina) Downhill
What list of Japan touge would be complete without the Haruna (akina) downhill? While this road is a favourite for its connection with Initial D, it is also a fantastic driving road that is heaps of fun. The gutters are there just like in the anime, and the feeling you get when driving this road is surreal.
3. Irohazaka
Another cool road is Irohazaka, which you can find up north near Nikko. The cool thing about this road isnt just its multiple hairpins and amazing scenery, but its actually a one way drive up and down. It’s also dual lane, so even if its busy you can generally scoot past most of the slow drivers. Be careful on the downhill that you dont overheat your brakes.
4. Asama Touge
Asama touge is a popular one with drifters and motorbikes, and is also home to an annual hillclimb event. The main touge skirts Mt Asama, with heaps of hairpins and cool corners.

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