Japan Drift Events 2020

If you are planning on heading to Japan for an automotive holiday, one of the best things you can do is team up your trip with a drift event! Luckily there are often a big number of drift events per year in Japan, and here I will list some of the main ones for 2020. I'll hope to keep this list updated as regularly as I can. I will also soon be releasing a complete Japan Automotive Events Calendar in the coming weeks that will cover drifting, grip events, shows and more.




  • D1GP Lights - 28/29th of March, Meihan Sports Land


  • D1GP - 25/26th pf April, Ebisu Circuit Nishi
  • D1GP Lights - 25th of April, Ebisu Circuit


  • Ebisu spring matsuri - 2/3rd of May, Ebisu Circuit
  • Formula D - 2/3rd of May, Suzuka Twin Circuit
  • D1GP - 15/16th of May, Okuibuki Motor Park
  • D1GP Lights - 16th of May - Okuibuki Motor Park


  • Formula D - 6/7th of June, Ebisu Circuit Nishi
  • D1GP - 27/28th of June, Tsukuba Circuit
  • D1GP Lights - 13/14th of June, Nikko Circuit


  • D1GP Lights - 23/24th of July, Bihkou Highland Circuit


  • Formula D - 1/2nd of August, Sportsland Sugo
  • Ebisu summer matsuri - 8/9th of August, Ebisu Circuit
  • D1GP - 22/23rd of August, Ebisu Circuit Minami
  • Formula D - 29/30th of August, Okuibuko Motor Park


  • D1GP - 26/27th of September, Central Circuit
  • D1GP Lights - 26th of September, Central Circuit


  • D1GP - 31st of October - Autopolis
  • Formula D - 10/11 of October - Okayama International Circuit
  • D1GP Lights - 31st of October - Autopolis


  • D1GP - 1st of November - Autopolis
  • Ebisu autumn matsuri - 14/15th of November, Ebisu Circuit



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