How to fit Skyline seats into a Silvia

Let's face it, as good as S-chassis' are, their seats leave a little to be desired. They may be relatively comfortable, if a bit small by western standards, but the real let-down is in the "performance" of the seats. You might not notice it on standard city driving, but hit some twisties in the mountains or a long sweeper on a track and you will see what I mean. A popular upgrade to improve this detriment is to put Skyline seats into a Silvia. Typically, Skyline seats are a touch larger, with higher side bolsters to keep you glued into the seat a bit better in corners. However, fitting Skyline seats into a Silvia used to mean hacking up rails, cutting and welding, or demolishing seats. But now, with the introduction of Guerrilla Automotive Innovations (GAI) seat brackets, the whole thing could not be easier!

The kit comes with everything you need to transform the Skyline seat into a Silvia compatible seat. When you open the package you are greeted with 1 bracket, an M10 high tensile bolt, M10 high tensile nut, 2 washers and detailed instructions, not that the process is hard whatsoever!

To fit the bracket, simply place it under the rear outer leg of the Skyline seat you are fitting (the side of this will depend on whether it is for the driver's side or passenger's side). The bracket should be installed in the following parts order:

  1. Bolt
  2. Washer
  3. Skyline seat rail
  4. Bracket
  5. Washer
  6. Nut

At this stage, fasten the now installed bracket to finger tight, to allow any maneuvering required later on. Place the seat into the car, roughly aligning the 4 mounting points. Now, add in the factory mounting hardware, but only loosely. This will help to ensure that you can move the seat around a bit if required to fit the remaining mounts. The mounts should be installed in the following order:

  1. Rear outer (the mount with the bracket
  2. Rear inner
  3. Either front
  4. Either front

With all bolts now finger tight, you can properly tighten the bracket bolt and nut, followed by the remaining factory bolts in whichever order you choose. Congratulations! Installation complete!

The GAI kit is an extremely well made unit, and is genius in it's simplicity. Please note however, that modification of seat rails is illegal in Australia without an engineers certificate, and as such this unit is intended for off-road use only unless proper approvals are achieved.