How to find drift events in Japan

One of the most frustrating things you seem to come across when planning a trip to Japan is how exactly to find drift or racing events to watch. The last thing you want to do is rock up to a race track just to find it empty. So how do you know when and where events will be?

Well, first off I'll drop a shameless plug. We will be releasing an event calendar soon as part of our upcoming Japan Automotive Travel Guide, so stay tuned for that! But for now, the best way to find out events is to go straight to the source.

The first place I suggest to start when finding drifting events is first deciding which tracks you either would like or would be able to visit. There are a few racetracks in Japan that are either easier to get to or more important to get to, so deciding which you want to see first can help narrow down your search. Some tracks that I recommend and why are:

  • Meihan Sportslan
    • Instagram famous, home of Naoki Nakamura and Team Burst, killer wall slide
  • Ebisu Circuit
    • Name a more iconic drift circuit, easy to get to
  • Nikko Circuit
    • On the way to/from Ebisu, OG drift track with wheel lifts

Once you have your list of tracks, the best way to find events there is to find their event schedule. This might sound obvious, but it's generally not too obvious to find, and a lot of the time everything is in Japanese! So to help you through, here are some links to track schedules:

To find other tracks, the best thing you can do is jump on Google Maps, search for the track you want, and almost always you can find their website in the location description. For some reason just googling the track name very rarely gets the result you are after. If you have Google Translate enabled, finding the track schedule is generally pretty easy. I often recommend turning translate off once you find the schedule though, as it can get confusing when it starts to translate the days to their literal translation (ie.Tuesday sometimes becomes Over-reserve?).

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