How to find car meets in Japan

One of the biggest reasons people head to Japan as a car person is to go to car meets. It's one of the sure fire ways to see some cool cars, experience the car culture and get some awesome photos. But finding car meets can be hard work, especially if you don't have a contact in Japan or speak the language. With that said, there are some ways you can find car meets to go to without needing any insider information. Here's how.

Aim for the right days

One of the best things you can do to find car meets is to make sure your trip corresponds with days that are likely to have a car meet on. Common sense would dictate that weekends would be the most popular, but some are more popular than others, particularly those that correspond with a car make or model. For example, 86 day (6th of August) will mean that there will be plenty of meets on around Japan celebrating the AE86, particularly in locations close to the 86 such as Mt Haruna or Racing Cafe D'z Garage. You can apply this to most makes and models, such as 32/33/34 day (2nd/3rd/4th of March), 7s day (7th of July) and so on. Some other popular days include the days and nights surrounding Tokyo Auto Salon and new years eve. With that said, you will likely find a meet on on most weekends in Japan

Aim for the right location

So you've got the days, but now you need to know the locations. Some clubs or tuning shops might hold their events in less popular locations, but generally you will be able to find some action in the more popular spots. The most obvious of these is Daikoku PA. Almost every weekend there will be SOMETHING happening at Daikoku, particularly the days mentioned above. But there are heaps of other meet locations dotted around the country. Our Gaijin Guide to Japan has a big list of meet locations and their Google Maps location, but some others you will want to consider are:

  • Tatsumi PA
  • Nagashima PA
  • Racing Cafe D'z Garage
  • Most racetracks

Follow the right people

Another good strategy to find info on car meets is to follow the right people on social media. Just as in the rest of the world, a lot of meets are organised and promoted through social media and can be a great way to get an insiders knowledge about upcoming events. Some good accounts to follow are: