Car Spotting in Japan

Last month my beautiful partner and I had the epic experience of traveling to Japan for 3 weeks. We treated the trip as half holiday, half business trip, as I was scouting for parts and accessories to bring home for our store. If you have never been before, Japan is simply an amazing place to travel, especially as a car enthusiast. Every type of modified vehicle is represented here, from JDM and drift cars, to old school American muscle and luxury European. Some of our best experiences were simply walking around the cities and car spotting, as well as heading to the Mecca of speed, Daikoku PA. Here are some of the best examples we stumbled across in our travels.

Our first day in Japan got off to an absolutely amazing start! After deciding to walk rather than pay 500 yen for a subway train, we stumbled upon this spectacular Hakosuka parked on a chic little street in downtown Yokohama. Looking very genuine, this car was the epitome of a well executed Hako.

Later the same day we were leaving the Cup Noodles Museum (yes, its a thing!) when I heard the unmistakable rasp of a Honda hitting VTEC. Turning quickly, I managed to snap this shot of a stanced S2000 as it entered the highway.

Here are some more shots of the epic vehicles we spotted in our first few days.

The first weekend we were in Japan we made our way to Nara, which is located only about 40 minutes drive from the famous Meihan Sportsland. We chose this date specifically as one of Japans foremost drift championships, The Drift Muscle hosted by none other than Keiichi Tsuchiya, was going to be run on the Saturday and Sunday. We hired a car on Sunday and made the trek out to the racetrack, which was an absolute blast! We will have a detailed post about the event soon, but here are some of the best cars from the parking lot.

After Meihan, car events took a back seat for a while whilst we did the typical tourist things around the country. However Japan is one of those places where you can still spot a tastefully modified car where you least expect it.

R32 GTR Cruising the streets of Kyoto


WRC inspired WRX leaving Super Autobacs in Odaiba

JZX90 sitting in what appeared to be a drift garage in Nagaoka, a rural town a few hours north of Tokyo

Honda Beat in Hiroshima

Bone stock 180sx in Hiroshima. A unicorn spotted at last!

Mines R32 GTR cruising through Harajuku

Custom built Porsche parked up in Harajuku. Definitely looked like a work in progress

FC RX7 rolling through Shibuya crossing

I don't even know what this is! At the top of the Mazda Turnpike

RX8 parked up at Up Garage in Maebashi.


This just a small example of what we spotted out in the wild. We have heaps more photos to come from Daikoku PA, The Drift Muscle, a touge drive through Hakone and more! Stay tuned