Best resources to plan your car-guy trip to Japan

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to travel to Japan to check out Daikoku Futo or pilgrimage to Ebisu. Most travel resources you see around cater to the majority of people, with general handy tips and info to get you to and around the Land of the Rising Sun. Unfortunately that makes it difficult for us car-guys to plan, as the latest Lonely Planet won't include sections on car museums or late night drift spots. I've found this out the hard way, and after struggling to get by myself I have decided to compile this how-to guide to plan the perfect Car-Guy Trip to Japan!

I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any of the following sites/apps/resources, I just think they're awesome and use them myself to plan my trips to Japan!

Japan Car Culture (JCC) is operated by Taryn Croucher, a car-girl from New Zealand who is well known for her fantastic automotive photography, having been featured numerous times on SpeedHunters. Taryn has put together this awesome resource full of guides, itinerary's and info on all things Japan car culture. The info used to be available only to paying members, but Taryn has recently opened up the guides to the public, including an AWESOME event calender that gets updated with heaps of cool car events/meets etc.


JDM Maps

JDM Maps is an interactive map developed by Travis Dart which takes all of the cool locations/workshops/attractions related to Japanese car culture and locates them on a map with drop pins. The handy map also features some picks from Noriyaro and Zen Garage, as well as navigation tools and basic info about each pin. Unfortunately the app is currently only available on iOS, I literally borrowed a friends iPhone just so I could use it! 



Michi-No-Eki is the name given to road rest stops in Japan, translating to "Station of the Road". These parking areas are scattered throughout Japan (there are over 1000!!), and most of them include parking for 25+ cars, tourist information, toilets, food, and sometimes even showers and cooking facilities. The reason this site makes the list is because it has an interactive map listing EVERY michi-no-eki in Japan, which are perfect places to park up and stay the night if you are on a road trip in Japan. They are free to park at, and in Japan it is perfectly legal and acceptable to sleep in your car overnight.


Touge Garage

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Check back for updated resources as I come across them!

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