Best Night to go to Daikoku PA

So you're heading to Japan and you want to go to Daikoku PA (because why the hell wouldn't you?!), but you're worried that no one will be there or you'll miss out on all the cool cars. Well fear not! I have the definitive guide to when to head to the mecca of speed.

Shun's exquisite S14

So to start with, basically any Friday or Saturday night Daikoku PA will be awash with modified cars. Your best bet to catch any action would be to plan your trip so that you are in the Tokyo/Yokohama area on a weekend. But be warned, it is not uncommon for the parking area to be shut down by police if it gets too crowded or if they anticipate a rowdy crowd (bosozoku, drifters etc.) Because of this, if you head there on a weekend I'd highly recommend getting there somewhat early, around 7pm, and settling in for the night. 

Police get especially annoyed when cars park in the truck parking area

With that said, some days are better than others. Beyond the obvious reasons of a good day weather wise, the parking area really comes alive on some public holidays or when the date happens to line up with a specific model code of a car. Some dates to keep in mind:

  • 7's day - July 7th. RX-7s and other rotaries
  • 86 day - August 6th. AE86 and GT86, as well as other Toyotas
  • Nissan day - March 2nd. Nissans
  • 32 day - March 2nd. R32s, Sunnys
  • 33 day - March 3rd. R33s
  • 34 day - March 4th. R34s
  • New years eve/day - December 31st/January 1st

On these days it is often better to come during the day, however there will still be plenty of cars there at night as well!


So there you go! Daikoku PA isn't a place you want to miss, so making sure you can be there on one of the days above or on a weekend is super important. I'd recommend having a few nights there, just in case one night it's all closed. If you have any other questions feel free to send an e-mail or inbox us on Facebook at

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